1. Own Time

"Own Time" by MTStreets is a heartfelt track that delves into the theme of seeking solitude for mental clarity and inner peace. The song beautifully captures the idea that being alone can often be more beneficial than being in the company of others, highlighting the importance of self-reflection and personal space in the journey towards finding oneself. MTStreets' introspective lyrics and soulful delivery make "Own Time" a powerful anthem for those who value the sanctity of their own company.


(I’m picking up my telephone
When I don’t wanna be alone)

I’m picking up my telephone
When I don’t wanna be alone
It’s hard enough to lay low
Or follow where the wind blows
Been looking from the outside
When nothing really looks right
It’s painful knowing love lies
I guess that’s why I’m on my own time

Staying up late getting wasted
Long late nights on the basement floor
Moonlit sky on a day when
Im praying to a god here to give me more
I need peace in my life
I need space to get some peace of mind
Please don’t leave me behind
I know that I’m not perfect but I need some time