Got me a bag
I like me some money
Money paper lookin like oragami
Count me a stack when I hop out the masi
Walk in the bank I got me a deposit
Wrist watch hunnid to clean
Pop tags cop me some jeans
I got the tint on my limousine
I got the plug out in Medellin

Verse 1:
I got paper w the franklin on it
Got drako w hunnid round in em

Bitch she say that she want look at my savings
No payroll I got whole hunnid racks in em

Fendi Givencci Louis V my closet
Got Gucci and Velone I got it I got it

Runnin thru topics
You ain’t boutta cop it
Just look in my wallet
Got blue in my pocket

You got the mmm
Like you get the ahh

Cookin up crack
Like we in the spot

I got the ice
Like you lookin hot

Pour up a douce
Let’s sip on the spot

Huh huh

Bitch she say that she enormous
Told that bitch thic the new gorgeous
Look it you can not afford this
New foreigns hooping in porches aye

No slip but the bitches got horses
New whip topping over with the Forbes list