Got It All:
So I’m
Takin a walk down a street where I think and retreat get away from myself
Lookin around me to see all the forgotten faces and feelings that I never felt
Look at the cards that I’m dealt
You can not say this aint hell
Screeming but no1 can help
Doin all by yourself
Ain’t needing nobody else
Listen to me
Listen to me
I got inspired from a higher being
To make all these tracks that I hear in my dreams
So I slap on a beat and I write and repeat
I could hit freestyles like this all day
Might fuck around and go buy me a raith
Cop me a place, Up in LA, wait shit ..
That already came
I got the oooh
JAMU w the ahh
Cookin narcotic like we in the pot
I got a price if you trynna spot
You can not stop me goin up top
Do not tell me you could do this
New day new music
Feelings like I’m boutta loose it
Poppin a pill and I’m poozin

I got it all I got it
You want the same in your wallet
I got it all I got it all

I got it all X2